Set. . .

I can’t even describe how I’m feeling.  Last night we wrote the deposit check for our kitchen remodel. . . and I can’t tell you how I feel.

I find that odd.

I’m having problems creating my to-do list.  And if you know me at all you would find this terribly bizarre.

Maybe it’s the to-do list (lack thereof) that’s causing my emotional clog?

Oh, hey, guess what?

We got our health curriculum for the entire 2011-2012 year done!  HA!  (By the way, I hate “health” as a separate core subject.  Seems to me like it should fall under science or physical education.  But “no”, our state requires it every year through 8th grade.)

But, we finished ours!  So there!

Oh yeah, I also got a phone call and we, my team teacher and I, have to get our curriculum set-up for our co-op year.  Soon (by Aug. 13).  I don’t even own the books yet.

And, of course, I have to complete our curriculum plan just for my family.

I think we are going to start school August 8.

My brother and his family are coming tomorrow, to spend a week.  I’m looking forward to it (have been for a couple of months).  I mean, it can’t be a big deal to entertain out-of-town guests and start a kitchen remodel at the same time. . .RIGHT?

Egads, I’m going crazy.

Oooh, today is Thursday.  Potluck day!  Oh, wait!  I’m in charge of that!

Okay, so first thing on my list is:


take care of potluck

drink copious amounts of coffee and *go* from there.  (And while I’m in the bathroom, maybe I’ll clean it.  hee, hee)

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

Actually, I think the first thing on my list is going to be:  “find the chocolate”.


2 comments on “Set. . .

  1. se7en says:

    Hope you found the chocolate – I am about to go and look for some myself… just thinking bout your kitchen remodel – Gasp, terrifying. We did it and our house was a shack for weeks while they stalled and staggered through it and I just thought… think of the result, think of the result, think of the result… So I will eat copious amounts of chocolate on your behalf as you stagger through this process…

  2. Lisa says:

    Best of luck with your remodel and company.

    I’m loving your blog. I am one of those who has not read your posts, but used your schedules. Now I will be reading posts as well. Thank you for sounding like normal people who do not live in a everything-picked-up-house where things look lived in.

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