I don’t really know how this happened.

I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t care (but part of me does).

So, yesterday, I was in a panic.  An awful. . .WALL.  I couldn’t come up with a list of to-do’s.  I couldn’t even think of the “NEED-to-get done’s”.  It was bad. . .

Then, my brother called me, and started talking about the places he wanted to go, and things he wanted to see. . .

Inside my head, there was a thunderous roar of “It can’t be done!”  “We don’t have time!”    “What money?!”

But, while on the phone with my brother, I was able to remain calm. . .even mature sounding.

I blew a gasket after we hung up.

I mean, I really blew a gasket, because “Aunt Flo” decided to come for an early visit. . .(She’s getting more unpredictable in her old age. . .)

Then, I called a friend (re: things to do, places to see, fairly inexpensively).

A friend who I knew is also very close to blowing her own gasket, but who, I also knew, was probably the most capable at helping me with what I needed.

And, she totally came through for me.  (I like to think, that I helped take her mind of her situation too; although, I’m quite sure I added to her stress.)  I will totally pay her back!

But, I was still stuck, with everything else.  In the end, it finally struck me that my little nephew is at the age of “putting EVERYTHING in his mouth”.  So, I spent 3 hours scouring the 1st floor for all the teeny-tiny Lego pieces, Playmobil pieces, all sort of other little pieces to be picked up and put safely away.  I also found all sorts of BIG pieces that I brought down for him to play with.

However, my mind was constantly dashing about on the waves and rocks of what needs to be done, what is the priority, what to write on my list. . .

Then, the contractor called.  (The contractor who, by the way, is a friend of ours.)

“Christine, I was thinking.  What if I start work the following week?  What with you having company, and it being a short work week anyway. . .”

And, I wanted to jump through the phone line and HUG the man!

But, of course, I had to calmly reply that I had to talk to my husband first.  And, I had to wait for my husband to come home to talk to him.

Then, came the conflicting emotions. . .Like was I presenting a “weak face” by jumping at this opportunity?  And, really what should I care if it meant I could enjoy my time with my brother and his family?  What if Jay wouldn’t go for it?  What if this was really putting the contractor out somehow, but he was just putting on a really good face?

What if I was going insane?

Jay agreed without much hesitation, so I consoled myself with the idea that he was probably hitting his own wall of time constraints and things needing to be done.

And, the instant I called the contractor and told him, and we agreed on the new start date, my list just fell into place.

How’s THAT for perfect endings!

So, this morning I woke up with my list of things to do, and feeling pretty good overall. . .

Methinks there may be a rodent in my house!



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