A kitchen in Two (plus) parts

It occurs to me that a great number of people may not realize the layout of my cave kitchen.

Additionally, I’m noticing that my memory is not what it should be so, hopefully. in  a mere couple of years, my current kitchen situation will be a very foggy memory.  (‘Course, it would be nice to remember why we had spent all this money and time and inconvenience to rectify the situation.)

One must first realize that our “kitchen” comes in two-plus parts.

The “plus” is the mere fact that the refrigerator resides in the dining room, (along with a small “pantry” cabinet).  There is simply no room in the kitchen for it.

Then, there is the main kitchen (which I’ll discuss tomorrow, I suppose).

Finally, there is the section that is called the “extension” (for a lack of a better term).

Now, it must first be told that the main part of the kitchen, as well as the extension were both originally porches.  Each one closed off and repurposed at some (separate) time in the house’s long-lived past.  (Which means, the floor slopes, as porches are made to ensure that rain water goes away from the house.  It also means that neither area was insulated.)

The floor in the extension is covered by very ugly indoor/outdoor carpeting.

And, when we moved in, all the windows in the extension were non-open-able storm windows on the exterior and a sheet of plexiglass on the interior.  (Jay rectified that situation, by putting in honest to goodness windows.)

But, the extension has become the dumping ground of all things kitchen related.  (As well as “sports” related, as the boys keep their outdoor games tucked in a corner in this room too.)

There is simply not enough room in the kitchen for my appliances, and pans.

And most assuredly, I lack all sorts of space for. . .well, for food!

So, ALL that stuff goes into the extension.

Oh, did I mention, that both areas of the kitchen lack HEAT?!  This becomes a huge problem in winter.  The extension is by far the worst of the two areas.  So, when I say a “dumping” ground, I truly mean it!

This is actually a huge logistical problem if you think on it, because when one “dumps” there is no rhyme or reason to it, so I’m never sure what we have or what we need when we go grocery shopping — at least in the winter time.  The spring is when we re-organize and realize we have 5 jars of peanut butter, 28 jars of evaporated milk, etc.  By the end of summer things are normally back on track and neatly organized, so we really enjoy fall!

Currently, we are in the final stages of rearranging the entire house (well, it feels like it) in order to get all the stuff from the extension “suitably” arranged in the house for its use.

It is Sunday a.m.  Only two more days till demolition work begins!

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