A Kitchen in Two (plus) Parts, part d’eux

Yesterday, Tyler and I spent a good part of the day lying telling ourselves that the 90% humidity didn’t matter as we lugged large, bulky pieces of furniture around and heavy boxes in place.

Today, the humidity is down, but the heat is up.  That may prove to be a bit exhausting as packing and cooking is on my agenda for today.

Ah, but let’s see. . .it’s only one more day till work begins, so I suppose I should at least show photos of my “actual” kitchen.  (Oh, and if you missed part one of this topic, you can go here to see it.)

Let me revisit the floor topic again first.

This is where the extension flooring meets the laminate tiles of kitchen,

and where the tiles of the kitchen meet the tiles of the dining room.

If you recall I mentioned the slope of the floor?  Well, this is me taking a picture from the back door — sitting straight. . .

so, I’m now realizing we may just have a couple of different slopes to our “kitchen” area.

Does this surprise me?


Now, I cannot imagine that I have been blogging all this time without ever mentioning the “pack-rat” problem we have in our house.  I have two children that suffer this debilitating issue, but they come by it honestly. My husband is a huge pack-rat.  And when it came to packing up the extension I will confess to throwing a bit of a hissy when it came to packing stuff up that is just . . .JUNK!  (Well, at the very least, someone else’s treasure.)

Actually, I threw enough of a hissy (and had a lack of boxes), that Jay finally agreed to allow me to toss stuff!  WAHOO!

I now have 7 bags waiting for me to take to Goodwill.

Do you have a problem with pack-rat-ism in your home???

How would one know?

Ahh, so glad you asked!

If someone would keep something such as this:

for the mere fact that they uncovered it whilst removing walls in their house (meaning it was here long before we were), then that person would most likely be a pack-rat.

But, the true test would be if that item was ever used, or if it just set around gathering dust for decades 3 years.

If you still refuse to let it go then, you are most assuredly a pack-rat.

Get some help!  (Tell you what, I’ll just come in your house and junk the lot for you!  According to my husband I’m very good at that.)

Darn, where did that soap-box come from?

Ahh, right, this is supposed to be about the main kitchen. . .which, oddly enough is also divided into two parts (the walkway between the two parts is the “slope photo” above).

Part One and Part Two. . .really what more is there to say?

Well, one could ask about the weird wall colorings, etc.

Most of that is wall-paper glue.  I discovered I could not get it off without destroying the wall it’s on.  There were originally two different wall papers in this room — one a border strip, and the other a red check behind the stove.  Both papers were old enough that they were falling apart, but darned if that wall paper glue will budge.  I finally just decided that I’d deal with it till we got the kitchen done.  (I never expected us to wait so long to have the kitchen done. . .)

Ah yes, I could also mention that the stove is actually a replacement for the stove that was originally in this kitchen when we bought it.  This replacement stove came from the kitchen we had on the third floor of our home.

It looked like this when we bought it.

Isn’t that a FINE kitchen!

Too bad it was on the THIRD floor!

(If you were to want to know what happened to that kitchen, you’d have to go here.)

Anyway, that stove is also on its last legs. . .


But, that stove is what I shall be slaving over today, in order to prepare meals for us to freeze and enjoy at a later time during this remodel.

3 comments on “A Kitchen in Two (plus) Parts, part d’eux

  1. monkeyschool says:

    Good luck today! Any ideas yet on what you expect the end result to look like?

    • corefoundations says:

      Tons of ideas. . .but we won’t really know for sure until it’s “opened” up and know what we have to work with. (We are having to remove some bearing walls.)

  2. Elton Lah says:

    “Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

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