First day kitchen remodel

I’ve been up since 0337. . .and NO! I’m not joking!

Needless to say, I haven’t gotten on the computer till now, so I neglected to update you on the goings-on of yesterday.

Which t’weren’t much.  I mean, I worked my tail off, but there really isn’t much to say.

Oh, except that I was able to help my friend out!  Ah-ha!    Yes, you know, the friend that I pestered whilst she was nearing a melt-down.  Well, she finally hit it!  (The melt-down.)  Not that a melt-down is a good thing, but it does allow me to help her out.

So, I took her kids yesterday while she got some much-needed work done in her home (without kiddoes underfoot); and I got some much-needed work done in my house with a stackful of kiddoes keeping each other entertained (thus, allowing me to actually GET the work done.)

If I were awake enough to step on the soap box, I would go into something about my hearing someone saying that moms showed the most pride by not accepting help. . .and I’m here to tell you most moms, who have issues with accepting help, are almost always worried about causing more WORK for another mom!  (Not a pride thing at all.)

I’m too tired to go down that lane though.

By 0600 this is what my house looked like:

By 1000, the sink had been removed and repositioned:

Which, I’m pretty sure now qualifies me as a hillbilly.  (Not that I had much chance, as I grew up in WV.)  Don’t knock it though.  It’s now the only source of water on the 1st floor.

Everyone was ecstatic when the dumpster finally arrived.

The guys are done working for the day, so let’s go take a look and see what we discover. . .

Oooh, a window that was boarded up in the extension.  (Two more from the main house to the kitchen area were also discovered.)

The dividing wall is starting to come out.

Ooh, a hole to somewhere. . .

Egads!  That’s my first floor bathroom!

No worries!  We actually asked for this. . .  Kitchen remodel + bathroom remodel. . .

The contractor was having fits at all the layers of wall he was having to go through to get to the exterior.

He counted 5 layers (even on the dividing / load bearing wall in the middle)!

Drumroll please. . .

THIS is my kitchen / dining room area as of this afternoon!

HA!  I can still totally cook during this remodel!

Now, if you excuse me I have to go draw the water out of the well get a glass of water from the hillbilly sink.  Then, I’m off to bed!


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