Third Day — kitchen demo

It’s so nice to know it’s not just me when it comes to underestimating time!

Our contractor (Mr. D from here on out) gave himself 3 days to demo our kitchen.  A 13′ x 17′ space, give or take (so ~ 221 sf.).  The end of the day, he hadn’t finished.

Worse, he had gotten one of the largest, if not THE largest dumpster, for the job.

It holds 4 tons (8 THOUSAND pounds!).

Houston, we may have a problem!

It’s the walls with all their layers. . .and the ceiling with all its layers. . .and the floor with all of its layers. . .

And your momma told you layers were good!

  (Actually, in the winter time, listen to your momma!  Just not when you are working on a house.)

Poor guy, Mr. D,  I think it was his birthday.  And I don’t think our house was any cause for celebration.

Unless otherwise noted, all descriptions of photographs precede the actual photo.

I think I only got two lunch time photos (above and below).

See the backside of the lathe-and-plaster (above).  Icky!  I believe my whole house has a layer of that stuff on its walls.

The photo below, we suspect is the original exterior, back door.

Except the framework suggests this was an enclosed area.  But, it’s really wide for an interior door. . .

Here, I am attempting to put two photos side-by-side.  (Hopefully, it works!)

It’s a photo of our load-bearing, dividing-the-room-in-two-parts, wall.

But, the thing that I want to point out, is that the upper beam stretches from one side of the room to the other.

Which would make said beam almost 18′ in length!

Well, the entire dividing wall is now removed, minus framework.

I’m sure the work crew is ecstatic with this result as the wall is a huge air blocker, and while it hasn’t been terribly hot as of late, nor humid, they’ve been working hard!

I’m sure they appreciate the air flow!

They started removing a small section of the floor.

We told them to expect this, but I just don’t think they really *got* it.

(Or maybe most homeowner just aren’t as aware as we are. . .or maybe tend to over-exaggerate small issues. . .)

Our house, this area of the house in particular, has long-standing, inactive, severe termite damage.

In fact, one joist was tunneled down to a mere 2 inches.  (Don’t have a photo of that, as they tore kicked that out pretty quick.)

Oh!  But, I hope you can blow up this photo, look at the nails!

Yep, they are square!

Maybe I should keep one?

Er, NOT!  (Remember, I’m not the pack-rat.)

Although, I do have to admit to loving things “historical”. . .


The two photos (above and below) are the same item.  Mr. D doesn’t even know what to make of it.

It’s under the original house, which means there should be “footers” there.

Do you see any footers?  No.  Neither do I.

Wanna make a bet the termites ate them? 

Ah, the last bathroom wall is still standing.  This is where they started taking out the floor.

That kind of took me by surprise, because it makes sense to me that you would remove the wall while you still have a floor to stand on.

But apparently, one of the crew fell through the floor. . .


Maybe all those layers were a good thing?! 

Here’s a photo of the bathroom area, minus the eaten floor joist.


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