Day 4 — kitchen

I think this is end of week one.  It was a short week, but man those guys got a lot done!  I know Mr. D isn’t where he wants to be, but I certainly can’t find fault with what he’s been able to accomplish.

Not that I’m looking to find fault. . .just sayin’.

Let’s take a look at my hillbilly sink”, shall we?

My husband set it up so that we would have a water source on the first floor.

We encountered problems right off.  And while the work crew has been slaving away demolishing our kitchen space, Jay has been problem solving and trying to fix various issues.

One of the first things we noticed is that the water tasted, and smelled, bad.  Additionally, it was foamy.  So foamy, in fact, that if you ran the sink water for dishes, (and you’re like me), and you realized you couldn’t remember if you put dish soap in the water, you could not tell as there were quite a lot of suds already in the sink just from the foamy water!

Jay fixed that by replacing the 100′ hose with a much shorter one.  The water comes out normal now, and tastes good again.

The second problem was drainage — or rather, lack thereof, as the drain line would frequently have some wacky vacuum affect and not drain.  Maybe this, and following, descriptions would do better with photos.

Here are the connections he’s working with:

In order to release the vacuum affect, Jay drilled a small hole in the PVC pipe.

See it?  Maybe not. . . 

See it now?

Ahh, now you also see a problem we ran into whenever we were draining the sink from washing the dishes.

Evan went to the home stores many, many times.  He came back with this gizmo or that gizmo, all that touted that they would solve such a problem as this.

None of them worked.

 Then, Thursday, Jay suddenly burst out with “brake bleeder valve”.

“Excuse me?”

“A brake bleeder valve, Christine.  That would totally solve our drain problem!”

“Oh, really?!”

So, Friday morning Jay went to the auto parts store and picked up the necessary equipment.  Then, installed the mess in less than 10 minutes.

And, now my hole looks something like this:

That little black snorkel tube snakes up the back of the sink, and peeks itself just over the edge. . .

. . .and I don’t wind up with wet feet every time I do dishes!

Pretty clever, don’t ya think?!


Ah, but I suppose you may be more interested to know what is going on in the back (kitchen area).

Lunchtime photos.

Well, new construction has begun.

My hypothesis is that Mr. D determined to work as best he could according to his original schedule.  So, I think, he’s got some of his crew still doing the demo work, while he’s starting the construction.  But, that’s just my guess.

They finally got all of that fake stone wall stuff off.

That fake stone wall stuff is actually a local historical thing that was popular for a very short period of time.  It’s almost like a concrete stucco process (like an inch and a half thick) done directly on the work surface on site.  They don’t do it anymore. . .(Can you say LABOR intensive???)

And they started busting through to the exterior.

After the work day photos:

Would you look at that?!

We have a new wall!

Ooh, and they stripped off some of the plaster, so you can see the lathe.

Honestly, we are a bit confused by the new wall.  The old walls and ceilings aren’t completely removed; yet, there’s this wall.

It’s in place for the new bathroom wall. . .we think.

As I said, we are a bit confused. . .but, we are confident that Mr. D has a plan.

Our friends, “Mrs. Meltdown“, (which is an absolutely horrid nickname, and I will rectify that in the future) had us over for dinner at their house last night.

Mr. D. also worked at their house, and did the living spaces (living room, homeschool room, dining room, stairway, and basement).  So, they have no furniture in their house at this point.

I mean, aside from what isn’t crammed in their bedrooms, or kitchen.

So, we ate on their deck and had a lovely time discussing house projects, and life, and how unprepared we are for the oncoming school year. . .

In fact, this photo kind of sums up a lot of the feelings:

Oh, and the dumpster was taken. . .

I had been hoping to start “school” this week.

Didn’t happen.

I spent the entire week packing up our kitchen.  Mostly asking questions like, “Will I need this brown sugar in the next two months?”


Or, “Will I need all three of these pasta spoons in the next two months?”

No.  Just one will do.

Then, creating a pile of all things to be packed away for two months time. . .then, the actual packing of those items.

And, as I’m looking around I’m realizing that I should probably, seriously, organize my school room before starting anything.  So, I’ll be holding off school for yet another week, while I get that done.

I suspect that even Mr. D would prefer to work in the kitchen area with all its “little” hitches and hang-ups than to work at organizing the school room. . .



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