“Hillbilly Hotel”

This should be titled:  “Hillbilly Hotel” and extras, as this post is likely to be all over the place.

It’s okey-dokey people!  We are entering this new phase known as “being flexible”.  And you can join me by bearing with my chaotic “flexible” post!

So, my last post essentially said that you wouldn’t hear any kitchen anything for 4 days.  And, I kept to that reality by simply not writing for 4 days!  Didn’t you enjoy the break?  Glad someone did. . .

Shortly after my last post I received a phone call,

“Hey, Christine!  How’s it going?”

“Er, fine?  Umm, well, how’s it going for you?”

(Please note the caller, had just called two days prior to talk to Tyler, and I honestly can’t recall the last time he had called before that.  So, two calls in two days. . .something to give you pause.)

“Oh, well, fine.  We’re doing fine. . . .

. . .Yeah, well, we were just sitting here and reading your blog.”


“Can we come over and see the ‘Hillbilly Hotel’?”

My friends, my husband has this grand idea that we could start a Bed and Breakfast in our later years.  He’s insane.  However, should I ever, also, lose my sanity and give in to his whim I’m totally naming our B&B the “Hillbilly Hotel”!

By the way, later in the evening his wife turned the phrase “eat-in-kitchen” into “cook-in-dining-room”.  I like that one too.


When we first bought the house we knew that the kitchen would have to be completely remodeled.  We even saved up a fair amount of money for it. . . But, within months of us taking possession of our house we had a gas leak, a roof leak, a waterfall in the dining room. . . and the list goes on.

I was talking to my mother the other day and said it was actually a blessing that we’ve been made to wait this long, because now we have friends!  Friends that say things like, “Let’s make it a regular weekly thing where you come over for dinner.”

And other friends that say things like,   “We’d love to have you over every night for dinner!  Just let us know what you’re cooking so we can build up our anticipation.”

Well, friends are good things.


While our contractor has not been here working, we’ve been getting little tidbits of work done around here.  Things we’ve been meaning to do forever, but just haven’t gotten around to.  So, our project list is getting a lot of little items crossed off.

Too bad those larger items still linger.


We went out and bought all our kitchen cabinets and appliances yesterday.

And the bank account said, “OUCH!”


I have been having fits regarding the new homeschool co-op we are to be entering this coming school year.

The reality is that I know academically it is probably better for my kids not to participate.  Really!

Not that it won’t be academically challenging; rather, it will be added work.  In the case of Mikhail, it will cause us to duplicate some of the work we are doing at home already (but at a much slower pace).  In Tyler’s case, it will create an amount of busy-work that he really doesn’t need this year.  And, for Garrett, who all the courses would actually be good for, it may cause some self-esteem issues because of his learning disabilities.

Yet, there is that whole, bloomin’, SOCIALIZATION issue.  (Which, in my mind is completely retarded.  And I’m feeling massively backward to going ahead with this anyway.  However, Jay has asked me to give it a shot; and this will be my last words on the matter.)


I have been working in the schoolroom in order to bring it out of chaos.  Two days so far, and all I’ve gotten done is one wall.  This is not looking promising.

I spent a good deal of time planning our family vacation.

I also spent a good deal of time gathering orders from friends, and making my own to place a Rainbow Resource order.

I even got it all in the cart, and was just going to put in that last little item. . .when their website crashed.


Which means, I have to start all over again. . .except their site is still down!

I’m going to go insane.  That’s all there is to it.

And then Jay will get his wish; and you all can plan a family vacation to the “Hillbilly Hotel”!

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