Days 5 & 6 of kitchen demo

This is essentially going to be a picture post, as I’m running out of time. . .

Seems to be the story of my life anymore. . .

End of work day Aug. 17:

Two “fake” walls created to provide support whilst load-bearing wall is removed.

Oh look, a brick footer! Termites didn’t get that. . .

Lunch time Aug. 18:

Darn termites!

Bathroom wall is finally being removed.

End of work day Aug. 18:

Oooh, support has been created for load-bearing.  No more “fake” walls.

You might be able to notice the slope of the floor here (between new flooring going in, and old floor joists. . .)

. . .if, not, you should definitely notice it here!  This is the backdoor area, so the end of the slope progression.

It’s a mite bit depressing to see the amount of progress that they make in a day, when I compare it to the amount of “progress” I make in a day. . .

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