Day 7 of kitchen demo / construction

Thus, you are only getting photos that I could “frame” from the doorway.

Ah-ha!  I kill me!  “Frame” photos?  in a picture about the floor framing???

There is a secret regarding this door!  However, for now, I’ll keep it to myself.

Oh, but we were very fortunate with regards to this door frame.  When, the previous owner had this door built, they had the space above it framed out as well for a “window” mounted A/C unit.  If you recall the hieght difference in the floor at the back part of the house you would now realize that the door would have been about 6 inches below the floor had it been left in place.  Since the framework was as previously mentioned, Mr. D was able to adjust the height of the door without having to mess with any of the exterior “stonework”.

We will probably have to figure out something regarding the back steps, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

All the new floor joists are in!

There is still a bit of wall to remove (seen here below — that half-wall), and some other bits that are still stuck on.  But, it looks to me like it’s essentially done.

I have a level “floor”!!!  Wahoo!!!

Well, “floor” is purely figurative here; but, WOW!

Don’t you just wonder what’s going to happen next???  I sure do!  When does wiring and plumbing occur?  What about insulation and drywall?  My windows to the left of the door (pictured above) will be taken out and the window spaces “shrunk” to account for cabinets.  The windows will return though.  When will that happen?

Today, I find all of this terribly exciting.  I hope that feeling lasts for quite some time!


There are so many things to appreciate about heavy rains!

(Just wish the internet was immune to their effects.)

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