Be Prepared!

Okay, so when you read the title of the post how many of you had this pop in your head?

So, let’s see. . .

We had a hail storm, which took us by surprise.  And totally destroyed the peaches at the farm the boys and I were going to visit to pick.

Then, we had the earthquake; which, left us shaken.  (Bad pun, but it too was unexpected.)

Now, we are in the path of a hurricane.

At least you are given warning for those!

I was told to get prepared.

I now have all the materials gathered for us to do an earthquake study AND a hurricane study.  How cool is that??!!

And, should the power go out, I have an awesome lantern that puts off enough light that we will be able to actually accomplish said work!

I’m sure the boys will be thrilled.

If I still have power in the a.m. I’ll try to post updates to the kitchen remodel.

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