Some bunnies weren’t happy!

The hurricane has come and gone.  We were very fortunate, as the worst we have is a lot of debris and splotchy internet service.  All our neighbors around us are without power!  Our block though, is fine in all services.  Talk about a “cell”.

Our preparations did not go to waste, as all the water I had set in the freezer to freeze before the hurricane is now in someone else’s frig to help keep their stuff cool whilst they are without power.  The same with our lanterns.

Jay had asked Tyler to mow the lawn before the hurricane.  (I have discovered that my husband’s idiosyncracies are getting a little bit more pronounced in his old age. . .And it is apparently very important to have a freshly mowed lawn before a hurricane strikes.)

Towards the end of the mow job, Tyler comes inside telling me to grab my camera QUICK!

And so I did.  😉

He also told the little guys to stay inside, which had me a bit wary.

The feelings intensified when, once outside, Tyler informed me he had run over a “nest” of baby rabbits with the lawn mower.

Er, just WHAT do I need the camera for, child???!


“Look there.”

“Don’t you see it?  Get closer.”

“. . .and here.”

“Here’s what I ran over.”

Hon, I think we should put them back. . .”

“Okay, let me go get them.”


back it goes

The second bunny required a different capture approach as it was behind the gutter.

not so graceful. . .

Nor did he seem to realize we were dropping him off a mere 2 inches from his home. . .

so, another recapture. . .

Three little bunnies tucked “safely” away.  (The third bunny never fled the nest.)

Then, we went inside where I was promptly bombarded with, “What was it?”, followed very closely by, “Can we keep ’em?”

So we looked up rabbits. . .and the first site I hit was an excellent one.

The big concern was the impending hurricane, but I went with letting nature be.

But, just to be sure Momma was still about, we took the advice of the website and crossed sticks over the “nest” / “form”.

The next morning (the hurricane hit us as night), the boys were immediately wanting to know what was up with the bunnies.

Er, that just can’t be a good sign. . .

“Ooooh, Mommy can we KEEP them now?!  Please!”  A set of big blue eyes and a set of big brown eyes were pleading. . .

“We’ll just check to see what’s up. . .”

It was still quite blustery.

The nest had been evacuated, and it took us some time, but look what we found:

Some bunny really likes the rain gutter.  He’s so tiny (and you can’t really see it in this photo), he could fall through the crack that is in front of him.

The other two totally went for the camouflage trick.

My boys aren’t too pleased about this, but the bunnies are staying wild and, hopefully, alive.

They survived the hurricane though, so I’m seeing promise.

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2 comments on “Some bunnies weren’t happy!

  1. se7en says:

    Oh cute!!! Amazing they survived the storm!!!

  2. monkeyschool says:

    We used to have bunnies in my old backyard. Since we moved a few years back we haven’t seen a single one 😦 I love bunnies.

    Kitchen is coming along well. Enjoying reading your posts as you remodel.

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