Leaving town

So I awake this a.m. to find Jay beside me in thought.

“Hon, I think we need to make some changes in the kitchen plans.”

Mind you, this was at 0530 and we were due to leave soon.

Additionally, this was after discovering on Friday that there was a semi big oops made that required all sorts of reworking of plans that I discovered on Saturday was all Jay’s fault!  (He was at work all day on Friday, so I didn’t discover that he had been the cause of the entire mess till he fessed up on Saturday, upon hearing my woes.)

Because the “oops” is “our” fault,  we will have to pay for its correction.

Honestly, I want to scream.  But, I keep telling myself that mistakes can happen to anyone. . .

I think I have told myself that now, about 1 billion, 3 hundred thousand and 4 times.

I think that what has me the most irritated is that this happened while I had been gone, and I had left the man every bit of information he would need to make good decisions.

In fact, this was a decision that had been decided upon before I ever left, but Jay decided to fiddle with it after I was away.


Anyway, we are now on our trip.  Currently, in a past “home” location.  We are taking the boys in the morning to see an old house.  Tyler has memories of it, and it will be interesting to see how it all has changed.

PS The city has seemingly tripled since I last saw it!

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