And what to my wandering eyes did appear

But dust, dust, everywhere!

Sadly, I suppose, this is the nature of the beast that is home remodeling.  However, I’ve been incredibly fortunate up till now.

By the way, I despise dusting!  I’ve heard tale that some don’t mind it.  I’ve also heard tale that some people don’t like to do laundry.  I’ll swap dusting for laundry any day!

Egads, I think I gained a whole dress size on vacation. (random thought)

The following photo is not a good one, but I couldn’t find the one that I thought I had taken that would be suitable.  So, this will just have to do.  This was taken when Mr. D took down the dust retaining wall in order to build a new one further into the dining room area.

Oh what luck!  I managed to take another fuzzy photo today!

I’m going to totally blame this one on lack of sleep!  (We drove 16 hours yesterday; I’m still buzzing.)

So, this is kind of what my dining room looks like now. Except not so fuzzy, and a heck of a lot more dusty.

I will sincerely try to take more clear photos tomorrow!

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One comment on “And what to my wandering eyes did appear

  1. se7en says:

    Gotta say that looks totally amazing – like not even the same house!!! It is going to be brilliant!!!

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