Homework Post

This is actually a homework  posting for school.  For those of you that read my blog for family news, you can stop right after this.

For those that are in the unit-study class, I’m including these videos because we just don’t have time to cover it in class.  They are intended to enhance the study, but are not mandatory.  All told it should take about 10 minutes of time.   I’m adding them to my blog rather than link you to YouTube to avoid the “language-filled-comments” that were posted there.

The first video is by National Geographic on Canada Geese (related to Chapter 2 of book).

The next two videos are on beavers by the BBC (related to Chapter 4 of book).  They were taken from a show wherein, I think, they were comparing beavers building a lodge to humans building a lodge.

Part 1:  Building the dam

Part 2:  Building the lodge

This second video has the added plus of having a short scene of muskrats in the lodge, and they are also mentioned in Chapter 4.

A word of warning:  should any child wish to know more about beavers, please ensure your parental controls are top-notch and it may be best for the parent to do the searches, alone, and present the information to the child later.


3 comments on “Homework Post

  1. D says:

    What book are you using? Trying to find a god science fit for my son.

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