Silver Linings

My mother always told me, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.”

It has been a VERY quiet week around here! Sadly, I feel I can keep quiet no longer! The “burst factor” is simply too great.

Those darn adages though, get stuck in your head for life.

But, I found my loophole! Aha!

I am sick and tired of having all my rooms feel incredibly cramped and crowded during this renovation.

Fortunately, I have room / space to put everything whilst all this renovation is ongoing.

Currently, we have absolutely nothing to cook with except the crock pot.

Luckily, I have a number of crock pot recipes.

My family is getting sick of stew (a dish that encompasses all the food groups).

The weather has been perfect for stews (cold / rainy).

I am using my last crockpot recipe today

We are eating out tomorrow; and I have friends that will hopefully share some new recipes with me.

I’m getting really sick of rainy.

Our basement hasn’t flooded.

I’m getting sick of delays.

Most of the delays were due to flooding north of us; again, grateful we haven’t had any flooding.

I was unable to clean / organize the house before we left on vacation due to the renovation.

We were able to go on vacation and spend a week with Drew, who currently lives all the way across the country.

We came back to a house that appeared to have been dust-bombed.

I was glad I hadn’t cleaned before leaving on vacation.

I am going to have to dust this house sometime, and I despise dusting.

I am going to call a family dusting party as soon as all this work is done, and my entire house will be dusted beatifully all at once. I think I’ll invite friends over to celebrate.

People have been returning items I loaned to them, and it’s adding to all the piles and confusion that is my house.

At least people are returning things.

Jay is a massive neat freak who is currently spazzing out over the mess and clutter.

Thankfully, he goes to work so I don’t have to hear his complaining all the time.

Jay’s work schedule drives me nuts because it is so ever-changing.

He has a job.

We just saw a mouse.

He was outside, and we got to see him scale a wall and do some serious jumping. Kids were highly impressed.

Co-op takes way too much of my time (prepping for classes to teach and helping kids with their homework).

The kids love co-op.

School isn’t getting done like it should due to the confusion in our house, the renovation, the vacation, co-op. . .

This too shall pass. . . .


It’s getting there. . .slowly, but surely. . .it is getting there.


So, here’s some photos of the past week:

Most of our windows got their exterior trim done:

Which gave Jay something to do:

Our new floor radiant heating is being installed. (And the girly part of me is going to show here, because these are the best photos you are going to get as I’m not crawling in that space to get others!)


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