Kitchen – a 3 day update

I am behind in my postings again.  There is no excuse for it, except that I have this “it is dragging on WAY too long” attitude, which is making me not want to do anything.

I have been taking pictures though, so I’ll post them.

First of all, on Sunday, I was going through the house just trying to take stock of what needs to be done. . .It was depressing.

I have a spare bathtub in the spare room. . .

You can’t hardly walk in my parlor

And my living room is prepped for a dust bombing, and is therefore off limits.

My guest room doesn’t look so bad in this picture, because you can’t see the back left corner that is packed high with boxes of stuff from the kitchen.

And while you can kind of see another pile of boxes in Drew’s room you really don’t get the full impact of the fact that it starts in this photo, but it’s at least 3 layers deep.

Then, there’s the school room, which I wanted to get done before the school year started. . .but I didn’t.  Now, everyone is returning items, and all sorts are just being chucked into the schoolroom for lack of a better place to put it.

(Just another view of the school room.)

Aside from the layer of dust, and the plastic sheets my dining room looks nice.

And Jay primered all the walls in the kitchen. . .

Oh, and while Jay was primering, it dawned on me that I should have switched cabinet A and B.  I don’t know what on earth I was thinking, but I certainly wasn’t when I planned their placement.  Sadly, I couldn’t change them because it would involved changing some outlets / switches and, by far the worse option, the countertop.

We are still waiting on the countertop.  Two weeks and counting. . .

*sigh* It falls under the categories of:  “it seemed a good idea at the time” and “c’est la vie”.

Sunday was depressing. . .

Monday had Mr. D. here and he installed the upper cabinets.

And, I got a microwave!!!  Yay!!!

Yumm, popcorn!  (I’d show a photo of that too, but the evidence disappeared all too quickly.)

Jay, did a first coat on the trim.

Jay put a first coat of paint in the kitchen.  It was rather shocking at first, as it seemed to go on as “pink”.

Which, you can kinda see in this, above photo.  It has darkened some now, so it looks better.

The above is a view from the kitchen to the dining room.

Below is the paint with the backsplash tile place up to compare.  I know that the paint and the countertop colors will not match at all; I am totally counting on the backsplash tile to completely pull them together.  I propped a tile up to remind Jay of that fact, because he keeps saying that we can wait to put up the backsplash. . .  Hopefully common sense will get the better of him.

So, that’s the current situation.

I’m desperately trying to be patient, but it’s wearing VERY thin.

2 comments on “Kitchen – a 3 day update

  1. Anonymous says:

    How beautiful and airy your new kitchen looks!

  2. The house looks great when remodeled properly. So the main thing is that they have done the work well

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