Still alive


I haven’t posted in while, and you would think that you are about to see a peep at the final reveal. . .

Keep dreaming!

I am having one of those weeks.  The kind where you are just kind of feeling like you are spinning your wheels and you aren’t really seeing much progress.

In fact, I kind of feel as if I’ve been living that life for about 3 months now.

School is forefront in my mind again.  There are many days when I look at what we accomplished and just want to weep, as we don’t seem to be making headway.  Then, there are other days where I look at what we’ve accomplished and I don’t feel so horrible about it.  (Sadly, those other days are few and far between.)

I think one of the biggest problems is the constant changing gears that I’m having to do.  Like this week, for example, was a great school week till yesterday.  Then, some kitchen improvement had me out at the stores running errands most of the day, so school essentially didn’t happen yesterday.  Today, I’m going grocery shopping and then the rest of the day will be doing school for co-op.  It just frustrates me to no end that a single-day weekly co-op winds up taking two days of my schedule from me.

*sigh* sorry for venting.


One of my friends was asking what I would like most about my new kitchen, and I responded that I couldn’t wait till I would have the space where I didn’t have that constant feeling of someone hovering over me.  (Generally, Tyler.)

This has proven to be true.

Now, I have the constant feeling of many people hovering, and the dog, with his nose in the air, in there too!


I also said that I was excited about my new convection oven.

It’s causing me all sorts of conniptions and burnt meals!

Why, you may ask?  Well, because the darn thing is constantly moving air around IN the oven.  And I’m a smell baker.  (I don’t know if this is a result of the many faulty ovens I’ve had in the past, the fact that I can never seem to find my kitchen timers, or just personal preference.)

Let me tell you, if the oven moves air around IN the oven, no smells come OUT of the oven!  EGADS!  What lunatic came up with that idea????  I mean, COOKIES!  WHO on this planet would not want to smell them baking?  Or fresh bread???  HONESTLY!

Oh, but I have discovered that you can not use the oven timer, as it turns the oven off as soon as it goes off.  That’s a little bizarre too.  I mean what recipe has the time down to a science like that?

I, obviously need to buy a new kitchen timer (or twenty, given their propensity to wander off).


Ahh, but you know that game “magic squares“?  Well, I have a different “magic square” for ya.

But, before that, did you know that we had SNOW this past Saturday?  Truly, we did!

Which brings me to my “magic squares”:

Not very magic looking, hmm?

Nope, that’s because they’re my kitchen tiles.

What’s magical about them though, is they are the conduit for the radiant floor heating that runs under them!

Mmm-hmm!  Radiant floor heating. . .

And I’m not the only one enjoying this little fact!

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