Carpe Diem

Do you carpe diem (seize the day)?

It dawned on me this morning that I, in fact, never carpe diem.


Grasp that one for a minute.

Yesterday was a glorious day.  In the 70s and sunny!  I’ve been meaning for some time now to take the boys to the zoo.

And yet. . .

And yet, yesterday I was doing paperwork.  I got outside for a total of 28 seconds and that was only because the trash that I tossed into the trashcan rebounded and I had to grab it and stuff it into the can.

Now, granted, that paperwork needed to be done.  In fact, I’ve been drowning in paperwork that needs to be done as of late.

But, truly?!  Why on earth didn’t I take the kids to the zoo?!

Because I fail to carpe diem.  Always.

I wondered to myself what would happen should I be given a terminal diagnosis, and I realized, a little sadly, that I still would not carpe diem.

(You all just didn’t realize “carpe diem” was a verb, did ya?)

No, I wouldn’t; and I started to wonder just how many people would.  In fact, I think the number would be relatively small.  And, I wouldn’t be surprised if those that did aren’t the ones that already do so.

But, I’m not just talking “bucket-list” items here.  No, I’m talking a literal seizing of the day.  Like bound-out-of-bed and own-your-coffee kind of seize the day.

And I ask you, honestly, how many of you feel that the day seizes you?!  (There are days where this is certainly true for me.  Too many days, in fact, fall into this category.)

It makes me wonder why?  Why do I fail to seize my day?  Is it because I am such a planner?  Is it because I am simply not a seizer (Caesar? *giggle*)?  Is it because I don’t care?  Or is it fear?

Laziness and procrastination.  I’m willing to bet those two have something to do with it.

My brother carpe diems.  He does. . .  He drives me bonkers too, exactly because of this fact.  (He totally screws with my plans.)

Do I want to carpe diem?

Aha!  Now that is  truly the question!

For some reason, I think I do.

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