Mama’s boy

Ah, how many of you mothers out there just cringed at that phrase, “Mama’s boy”.

Aw, c’mon, admit it.  Let’s face it, the phrase has a negative connotation.  Heaven knows I’ve heard plenty a mother tell her daughter that the one thing the daughter wants to ensure is to NOT get a “Mama’s boy”.

Which, being a mother of only boys IS JUST NOT FAIR!  (Really, all caps does not do justice to the tantrum I want to throw here.)

 I mean, you never hear anything derogatory about a “Mama’s girl”, or even a “Daddy’s girl”.  I mean, those might even be considered good qualities in a girl.

But, in a boy. . .

In a boy, it is somehow seen as “weak”.


Well, I’m here to tell you that I apparently raised a “Mama’s boy” and it certainly isn’t in any manner you would imagine.

Because my “Mama’s boy”, isn’t a “Mama’s boy” to his MOTHER.


It turns out he is a “Mama’s boy” to other people’s mothers.  Specifically mothers of girls.  Mothers of girls who have informed him that he may take their daughter to prom should he so desire.  And not by a single mother, but multiple mothers!

And this child of mine has never considered going to prom.

On the way home today he was complaining.

“I can’t seem to get a girl, but man do I attract their mothers. . .Do you realize how DISTURBING that is?”

His feelings are also raw because he was recently told that he was “adorable”.

“Mom, every time I think of that comment I picture the boy in the pink bunny sleeper in ‘A Christmas Story’.”

A Christmas Story - a-christmas-story

  “What kind of person would tell a teen boy that they are “adorable’?”


Well, certainly not the Mama of this boy!

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