Best of. . .

I have been very busy trying to pull my life together the last couple of days. . .which, unfortunately, involves a lot of errand running.  (Hate those days!)  It has also been a very cold couple of days, so by evening time, I’m wiped.

I thought I would do something a bit different (just to post and let you know I’m not dead).

While I was on “sabbatical” the latter part of 2011, I would still get on my “dashboard” just to see how many readers I had lost.  What I discovered though was rather interesting.  People were going to “favorites”.  They were being directed by searches, or others who had read the posts, and it was kinda cool.

So, I thought I’d go ahead and post them here for your perusal, in no particular order.  (At least till I can get my head in the game and come up with a decent post.)

Today, my plan is to stay at home.  So, maybe I can pull myself together tonight.  (Or maybe I’ll be prepping the econ lesson for Friday’s class. . .)


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