Wanna bite?

There comes a time in every young man’s life (at least in my household), where they feel the need to diss the veggies.

It seems important to me that I should shed some light on how we handle this phenomenon.

1.  Should you be serving veggies that are “new” to your kiddoes, do it on a dessert night.  Amazingly, that simple fact takes care of over 80% of the issue right there.

2.  If your children are rather young-ish, and they still moan. . .play “bite for bite”.  Sounds utterly gross, and certainly made me want to toss my cookies a couple of times, but I never had problems with my guys eating a bite of beets or brussel sprouts and then a bite of ice cream.  (And they say pregnant women are bad! *blah*)

3.  If your children are older, they are going to play the dramatic “gag” scene.  You know, where they pretend to gag due to the shear “disgustingness” of the food you are “forcing upon them”.  This is where you simply smile, and LEAVE the table.  Not only that, but leave the room / area.  Because sometimes those darn kids get so into their gag act that either they are successful, or they make you quite successful for them.  That said, you leave the room and they no longer have an audience.  Nor do they have dessert.  Which brings me back to Number 1.  Amazingly effective!

Course, if you have dessert every night. . .not so effective.  But then, it also just negated dessert to being a “course” rather than a treat, and where’s the fun in that?


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