Coming Out

Ah the dirty little secrets. . .

Yeah, and if you’re looking to find them here I am SO sorry to disappoint!

Once upon a time in an age many years distant, I was trained in .  . . shall we say “security”.

One of those little security things that I was trained in related to the computer and the internet.

(And before anyone gets all techno-geeky on me and proceeds to throw my entire life up on the computer for all to see, please know that I did say MANY years distant, and cut me some slack.)

Due to all that training I have been reticent to give certain details here on this blog.  For example, aside from my name – which is indeed my real name – everyone else I put on here has a psuedo name given to them.  (Which is really funny when I talk to certain people and it becomes evident rather quickly that I need to actually talk to that person a little more frequently than I do because they keep referring to people by the blog-name.)

However, I don’t think anyone really cares (except for those that already know).  But, I do wish to share a bit more. . .

So, I’m about to throw two items at you, and this is my “coming out party” (as it were).

We live in Maryland.

And the second?

My fingers are the width of a tablespoon on a stick of regular-sized butter!  (Don’t even snicker!  You have no idea how handy that little factoid is!)

So, why now to “show” myself?  Well, because I want you to meet some spectacular people (and it would take you merely 2 shakes to figure out at least one of those details when I give the introductions.)

I would like to introduce you to Kristin, one of the co-founders of LoveFeast Table.  She’s an awesome lady with a flair for life that makes you just smile in her presence.  On top of that her husband, Devon (of Ripristino Remodeling), did our kitchen remodel.  They are a fantastic family (with their crew of 5 kids).  They bring the comfort from *comfort food* to the table with their openess and loving hearts.

. . .and I have more. . .

One comment on “Coming Out

  1. debd says:

    So glad to have found you via your comment on WTM. I love eclectic blogs and just reading this got me super excited because we live in the same state (I hope that doesn’t that make me a creepy stalker). I really like your writing style too. I loved your 2nd piece of personal information…it did make me snicker.

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