Review of Submerged

I have a wonderful friend, Dani, who recently had a dream come true.  Don’t you just love it when a friend has a dream come true?!  Her dream was to become a published author; and boy-howdy did she!  (She landed a 3-book deal with Bethany House.)

This particular friend of mine adds sparkle and fun to my life, and for her I add. . .commentary on paint chips.  It seems a lopsided arrangement, I know, but you can only offer that which you have available. . .

Anyway, her first book is just coming out, and a pre-view copy landed in my grubby hands on Monday.

Submerged by Author Dani Pettrey

Gosh, I just love that cover!

It’s 310 pages and took me about 7 hours to read.  (And it only took that long because some members in my family feel I should feed them, and pay attention to them, and do things with them. . .but only when I’m on the phone or in the midst of a book.)

I would put this book soundly in the “intrigue” category; rather than”suspense” as is suggested by others.  As I am infinitely more fond of intrigue than suspense, so that made this book right up my alley.

Alaska is on my bucket list of places to visit, but it has the seriously deterring factor of “cold”, and I really don’t care for cold.  However, after reading this book I was absolutely determined that I should visit.  And because I am a geography nut, I spent 49 minutes of my life trying to find Tariuk Island. . .only to give up in frustration and call the author herself, to discover she had made the place up!  Wouldn’t you know it!  (For the record though, it is loosely based off Sitka.)

I enjoyed following the characters, and living in their thoughts.  I love reading stories of those who had been broken and who are now healing in love (and not just through romantic love), and that is surely laced throughout this work.

The paths that were wound in this book had you trying to mentally offer your own deductive guesses, as well as occasionally catching you off guard (which is always a good thing).  Overall, I truly enjoyed the book.  I look forward to the rest of the series. (And, hopefully, more to come?)

If my review makes you even the slightest bit curious you should read this sample, and when you are hooked get yourself a copy.

*I was given an early copy of this book to read and provide an honest review.  (Which is good as I don’t know how to do anything else.)  Additionally, the opinions expressed herein are my own, as I haven’t found anyone else who has finished the book to discuss this with. . .


3 comments on “Review of Submerged

  1. I was an “influencer” for Dani too! I absolutely loved Submerged! I’ve read it twice already, and I’d probably be reading it again right now if I hadn’t loaned it to my sister. Can’t wait for the other two books!

  2. Wenona says:

    I am in the process of reading this book now. I was born and raised in Alaska and still reside there. I too searched for Tariuk as I had never heard of it….I do live in Kodiak though, I am surprised she used some real town names. I guess I just wished she had done some research and used a real towns name.

  3. Karen Hooper says:

    Thanks for posting this I had just started my search for the island when I came across your message. You saved me some frustration. Now back to the book.

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