Smoke detectors

Hubby has a thing for smoke detectors.  We have no less than 13 in the house, and I may be forgetting a few.

The new fangled ones scream at you, “FIRE! FIRE!” or. . .(they do something else for carbon monoxide, but I don’t recall what). Course, high humidity sets the buggers off too. . .

And when their batteries are dying, they bleep.  First, it’s like every couple of weeks.  Then, every few days. . . Just one bleep.  Just one to say, “My battery is dying, come change it please.” And finding the one amidst 13 in a four-level house. . .

Until, one day, it decides it urgently needs to be changed (kinda like a squalling baby), and then it will bleep every 5 minutes. And, of course, that “day” will happen in the dead of night.

BTW, hubby can sleep through ANYTHING, except the sound of gushing water.  I think we have the wrong type of smoke detectors in our home.

Now I need to wait for a tall person to hurry and wake up so he can re-install all the smoke detectors I knocked off ceilings this dark a.m. trying to find the right one.


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