Everything’s Peachy

Jay, the younger boys, and I went peach picking on Monday.  We picked a bushel and a half, because it was fun and, obviously, we weren’t thinking!

Tuesday, I spent a good deal of time sorting the peaches.  Ones that had to be used immediately, and ones that were good / perfect.  Then, I set to work making jam.  There’s a small problem with making jam, and that is that you really can’t do anything else while you are doing it.  Absolutely no ability to multi-task!  You have to work on the one thing.  And, that takes a holy forever!

I found myself chanting the witch’s mantra:

“Double, Double, Toil and Trouble.”  (Shakespeare’s Macbeth)

And, also this one:

“A watched pot never boils.”


And the whole phrase, “bruises like a peach”. . .there is NO such thing!  I’m telling you, if you look at the darn things the wrong way, they would bruise!

Nevertheless, I managed two batches of jam and many bags of frozen peaches.

And yet, at the end of the day, this is what I was still facing:

I wanted to just burst into tears!

So, I called in the calvary, and they both showed up the following day.  One friend came and took some peaches off my hands, with the idea that she would make peach pie.  (I do not believe they lasted that long.)  The other friend brought her kiddoes and helped me get to work.  (Well, her daughter helped us work, her sons kept my sons from under our feet.)

Between her and her daughter we were able to make 3 batches of jam, and freeze peaches, all in just about 4 hours!  You have never seen such a happy woman as myself yesterday!

And we still have a good deal (manageable), amount of yummy peaches.

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