I am stuck on. . .

Do you remember that ditty?  The one that goes “I am stuck on Band-Aid Brand and Band-Aid’s stuck on me!”

Can’t seem to get that out of my head right now.

Okay, so the first part of this post is NOT a gripe.  Just “observations”.

I have spent the majority of this summer working on school-work.  To be honest, co-op schoolwork is topping out at about 90%.  I enjoy research, and writing, and developing so while this is all taking time, it has not been un-enjoyable.

I have worked intensely with a friend, who I will be co-teaching science with, revamping the science class.  I am working on graphic organizers, worksheet pages, and even videos.  Our class will be awesome, and I think a good part of it is that we are both on the same page, and enjoy each other’s company.  (Maybe the kids won’t find it awesome. . .)  I am still not done with the parts I have to do.

I have also read a minimum of 17 books, not including the ones on my Kindle, for the geography class to narrow down to six for the literature portion of our unit study.  I have found copy-right free maps and modified them for my purposes; I have made worksheets; I’m working on a game; landform cards, etc.  I am working with the other teacher on this, but we aren’t near as close (geographically speaking) so we keep hitting snags that would probably be dealt with best in person, but it isn’t really an option for us.

And I have worked my patookus off all summer in the hopes of being done. . .well, now.

Except now, I find myself NOT done (not hardly), and COMPLETELY STUCK!

I still don’t have an outline of the actual class work for the unit study class (I have the homework all done. . . just not the class work.  Go figure!)  Every time I start to try to work on it my head starts to spin. . .

I don’t know, maybe tackling the WORLD was too much.

I find myself in this pickle too.  I had decided that I would clean the house today.  A good once over.  A good mental break from all the planning.  And a good thing, as we have lots of company over tomorrow.

Except the living room floor is literally covered with all my work-in-progress and I can’t figure out where to stash it without losing my “visual” train of thought.

See. . .STUCK!


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