Judgement calls

(I actually don’t know if this is a good title or not. . .)

So, my son came home with a motorcycle last night.


If you will recall, I had previously mentioned how my son had been going on about getting a motorcycle, but the chatter had stopped, and I was feeling lucky thinking he had changed his mind.

Now, I suspect that he was saving me from my fat tongue.  (It being fat due to the biting that was occurring every time he brought up the motorcycle topic.)

*sigh*  (By the way, this is me trying desperately NOT to bite my tongue.)


Do you know that I have just recently realized that “faith” and “trust” are both two-way streets?  I feel like a complete nincompoop for not realizing it before.

This actually came about during the viewing of a kid’s Bible DVD (which I will discuss in a later post), wherein the topic was Genesis and the tree in the garden.  (And for the record, it did not ever say this in the DVD, it is just as it was discussing the topic it suddenly dawned on me the truth of this idea.)

Anyway, so the topic was Genesis 3 wherein Adam and Eve partake of the forbidden fruit.  And it suddenly whammied me that God put his faith and trust in “man”, just as he asks us to place our faith and trust in him.  (Sorry, I know I changed verb tense in a sentence. . . )  I mean, God KNEW what would happen; yet, he “bit His tongue”, so to speak, and allowed the events to unfold.

And that realization was HUGE for me.

I mean, I’m a parent, and I know my kids quite well, and I frequently see them stepping into a mess that could be avoided. . .

I could tell them.  I could say, “No.”  I could remind them that I have the voice of experience. And, of course, when they are younger, I feel it is my duty to do so.

But, there comes a point when “faith and trust” has to be shown to them.

Now, before anyone thinks I’m a complete dummy, I have always realized that a parent has to “let go” during different stages of a child’s life.  Not only is it necessary for a child’s development but it keeps the parents sane.  But “faith and trust” has to be exemplified for big things and, I believe, is also shown in stages.  (Like watching younger siblings for the first time.)

And the children. . .THEY have to live up to that.

Or, they don’t. . . and I love them regardless.


One comment on “Judgement calls

  1. Corli says:

    Thank you for sage words! I will be chewing on them in the next few days.

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