Healthy eating

So our commissary is doing an upgrade.

Actually, I split my trips between two commisssaries, and one has completed its upgrade and the other is still in the midst of theirs.

The two commissaries have two very different “cultures”.  The one that has completed its remodel is mostly young families / single soldiers.  The one in the process of a remodel is mostly older families.  It is interesting, as the food preferences are very different, but they are basing their remodel on the younger family / single soldier model.  Which means the older family commissary that is in the midst of its remodel is suddenly stuck with a whole new aisle of frozen foods.

A whole new empty aisle I should say, as prepared frozen foods aren’t on most shoppers list at this particular commissary.  So, there are all these lovely new freezer cases that are completely devoid of any products as no one is buying.

I recall at one point in time telling my husband it was actually cheaper to buy prepared frozen food for our family than to make our own.  And it was true!  Not that I ever acted on it, because the sodium and fat content of most frozen foods greatly negated the price advantage.  But, I see all these young families filling their carts with prepared frozen foods, and I inwardly groan.

Because, at some point in time, they are going to seriously have to consider their health, and it will probably be after their kids leave the homes.

And taste preferences are a bear to change!

For example, Jay came into our marriage from a family who regularly had dessert after meals.  (As in after “meals”, not “daily”.)  The poor man married a woman whose family rarely had dessert.  So the compromise was dessert every other day.

He hates it!  (Doesn’t bother me a bit, as I rarely choose to eat dessert.)

But, the idea is to create a habit in our children.

You see we do try to eat healthy, for ourselves, but whenever I make the move to prepare healthier foods, it is because of my children.  Because I want me children to have developed a habit / preference for healthy food.

I’m not a health Nazi.  In no way shape or form!  But, I am certainly health “conscious”, and  I try to make my children so as well.  I want them to have good eating habits / preferences now so that when they hit their 40s they aren’t suddenly bombarded with having to drastically change their diet in order to take care of a health issue.

Of course, there are periods when I slack off. . .And this post is more or less to remind me to get back on that particular horse.

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