Ah blog, I have missed you.

Of course their are the same-ole reasons that I haven’t written. . .well, one anyway.  I’ve been busy.

But there is another reason as well.

I am opinionated.

Actually, that has never differed.  The real difference is that I wish a place where I can express my opinion, because it is hard to do in real life.

“What?!” You say.

But it is true.

Actually, here’s the truth at it’s ever so blunt tip:

I have discovered that most people have absolutely no problem in expressing their opinion to me; however, if my opinion differs from theirs. . .they certainly don’t want to hear it.

Or this one:

“They” believe whatever I “say” has to do with “them”.

 In truth, it may. . .but more likely it has to do with “many” of “them”.  Pieces-parts used to form the whole of my opinion.

And there’s that whole other thing!  It is my OPINION!  I should be allowed to voice it freely.  It is not fact, and it can change with my knowledge base.  And, if my opinion differs from yours, you can use that opportunity to use your knowledge base to increase mine, (or vice versa)!

So, there you have it.  I have decided to give my opinions voice; and it will occur on here.  If you wish not to “hear” them, then don’t read this blog.  You’ve been given fair warning.

PS For my Mom who doesn’t get on FB:

When this homeschool Mom hits the wall she pulls in “The Sub”.

“Complaining is futile.  Now get to work!”


One comment on “Opinionated

  1. Haha! I love this! I’m following now, because I’m all about opinions and sharing them loudly and proudly!

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