News Clues

So, yesterday I had to run to the store.

This is NEVER a quick run.  As I’ve said before, we live between two commissaries, and I alternate between the two weekly.  It takes 45 minutes to drive each way to either one.  For groceries, I can count on being gone for about 3 hours.

(If you ask why I willingly endure such a time eater, just think that I save at least $1 / gallon of milk by shopping there.  We go through 6 gallons of milk a week!  Most other items are cheaper too.)

Because both posts are on major thoroughfares, and I’ve been caught before, I always check traffic conditions before I go.

The radio is rarely if ever on in our house, the TV even less, so by checking I mean I get on the internet, plug-in my route and ask for traffic conditions.

So, imagine my surprise yesterday 35 minutes into my drive when we hit a wall of cars!

Okay, accidents can happen quickly, so I deal with it as best I can, but we are truly not moving!  After some time, I call home and ask my son to look it up on the ‘net, and he comes back with “Nothing, mom.  They say the last accident on that road was two days ago.”

So, we sit and wait some more. . .

Then, I remember I can get on the ‘net via my phone, so I do a search. . .

“Fuel tanker overturned this morning at 0800; all northbound traffic being rerouted. . . .”

POSTED???!  “a few seconds ago”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously?!  For the record this was now 1300.  Five whopping hours AFTER the initial accident.

It was a lovely, long post. . .from some enterprising young journalist, I’m sure.  We got quotes from the clean-up crews, the police, etc.

But nowhere, prior to this post was there even a single line on the internet about avoiding this road!

So, we were “parked”.  3.5 HOURS to move a mere 4 miles to get to the re-route exit (which just happened to be the one I needed to take anyway).

Please understand that I am not upset with the clean-up crew.   They were doing their job and I appreciate all their efforts to keep road and travelers safe.

Nor, am I upset with the police; although that poor dude you hassled for peeing on the side of the road,  you could have offered him some grace.

I am furious with the news agencies!  What were they thinking???

Oh, by the way, this lengthy wait had us getting home in evening rush hour traffic.  The radio news people on all the stations were kind enough to say, “Remember that accident that occurred this morning?  Stay away!  Plan alternate routes, and realize they are going to be backed up too.”

Yeah, thanks. . .I SO appreciate the fact that you only think to be considerate to the “working” folk in this area.

I, apparently, have time to waste.


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