The “Happy” Homeschoolers

There are so many. . . “untruths” out there about homeschool.  I’m not about to bust them all to shreds, at least not in this one post, but this one kills me.  The idea that kids will happily do school.

Like most things in life, I went into homeschooling on a wing and a prayer.  I did very little research, I had no clue, but I knew I could do it.

Kind of like my marriage. . .

I have been doing this now since 1999.  It seems so much longer than that!  One of the first “lies” that I was told was that my kids would be “happy” as homeschoolers.

Or, perhaps, it was not a lie.  Possibly I just got the meaning wrong.

My kids HATE school!

Oh my goodness!  They can make me feel like a squashed slug in about 3 seconds flat.

For example, we just recently returned from a trip to my husband’s grandmother’s house.  Many of his relatives, who we only ever see once in a blue moon, came to visit us while we were there, and I heard many of them talking to our kids about school.

“So, do you like doing school at home with your Mom?”

“Oh NO!  We can’t stand school!”

“Really?  Don’t you have a favorite subject?”


“Well, what about math?  Don’t you like math?”



“Ooooh, that’s worse than math!”


“Seriously, don’t you people understand school sucks?”

Well, that last comment was in my head, but that’s essentially how the conversation went.

Of course, when we started this whole homeschooling adventure I imagined my kids going into detailed conversations, expressing not only their love for the subject matter, but their sheer joy at learning it too.

Ack!  What a crock!

However, at the dinner table when I mentioned doing division today I had one kid that was exceedingly excited.  (wacko)

And, both boys will always beat me to the couch when it is time for history.  The boys love the fact they are learning Latin; it makes them feel “cool” to know another language.  And grammar they find to be a breeze.  They say they can’t stand geography (my personal passion), but I will see them poring over maps, and eagerly listening to our lessons.  They will charge inside the house as if they are alight with flame screaming for me to grab my camera a take a picture of some creature (usually a bug), that they want to keep a record of and discover more about.

They truly dislike writing, and answering questions comes a close second.  And guess what you do in “school”?

The other day I overheard them talking to each other.

“Everybody hates school.  It is so much work and you have to sit through all sorts, and write all these reports.”  (My little guys have yet to write a report.)

“Yeah, it sucks!”

“But, you know, I like learning things.”

“Me too!  Let’s not tell Mom though, okay?”

“Yeah, we won’t tell Mom.”

Okay.  . .fine.

But, could you please tell others?

One comment on “The “Happy” Homeschoolers

  1. Corli says:

    Oh this made me giggle. Pleeaase won’t they just tell others that they love to learn and explore and think and figure things out and initiate new things and… and…. ! Thank you for the great perspective, it helps to remember all that!

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