In Focus

So we belong to a Christian homeschool co-op. . .

This year, it was decided to have an opening prayer before the start of our co-op day; however, it has evolved more into Bible mini-lesson time.

Which, if I were to be perfectly honest (and I will be), bugs the heck out of me.  The reasons for my irritation are perfectly selfish.  I get annoyed that I’m suddenly required to take my mind off the things that I am trying to focus my attention on for the next few hours, to go listen to a lesson. . . Okay, fine, I shouldn’t have a problem with that, but I do, which then causes me all sorts of guilt feelings for being annoyed at having a Bible lesson, so then I spend the rest of the time berating myself for being childish and inflexible.

By the time the lesson is over, I nearly always have to take a deep breath and get rid of all the “growly” feelings that I have suddenly developed. . .

Yesterday, the stress was even greater as, about 3 minutes into the lesson I remembered that I had stuck a piece of gum in the pocket of my jeans, and suddenly I was all freaked out that if I didn’t find the gum “RIGHT NOW”, it’d wind up going into the wash, and that would truly be a mess.  To compound the matter, in one of my pockets I had about 50 pennies, that were going to be used for a game we were playing in one of my classes (did I have everything else I needed?), and in the other pocket I had hair gizmos (barette, hair bands, etc.) just in case I wanted to pull my hair back later on.  And darned if that piece of gum wasn’t elusive!  I think I found it right at the end of the lesson.

Oh, and our lesson involved this fella:

Which was interesting because the very first thought in my head, was “Ah!  A donkey.”  (And donkeys, in particular, kept coming up in coversation this past week.)

Except, the lesson was how this could be two different things depending on what you focused on (will we live our lives with a “wordly focus” or a “Godly” one).  The other, was a seal.

And then, the gum came into play. . .

There was an exercise during the lesson when she asked you to look at the picture and see only the donkey.  At that point I was trying desperately to see the seal as I hadn’t yet, but luckily for me she went into a verbal description of the seal so I finally saw it.

But, here’s the thought that struck me. . .

Who determines what God’s focus is on?

I mean, I frequently hear comments about “immodest dress”, or tattoos, or drinking, or dancing, or reading the “wrong” books, or the age children should date, or how couples should behave, or. . .

I wonder if God truly focuses on any / all those things. . .or the spirit of the person?  And then, I was saddened because I think the answer that came to me was that too many PEOPLE are willing to tell you what is “godly”.

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2 comments on “In Focus

  1. Blossom says:

    God sees the heart. People see the immodest dress, tattoos, and all the extras. And you are quite right when you say that People are quick to point out what is ‘godly’.

  2. Beth says:

    I see both the ass and the seal simultaneously. – SB

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