Laced with Good Will

Yesterday, I managed to be highly productive!  The boys and I went through all their clothes in storage and went from having 7 bins, down to having merely 2.5!    Better news?  I only need to buy 1 pair of pants for my youngest!  🙂

And I have an entire bin of too small clothes ready to dump off at the Goodwill.

I also did a ton of laundry, as I can’t just take something from the bins and put them in the drawer, anymore than I can buy something off the rack and wear it without washing it first.

But, I also did something else. . .

I threw away my wedding gown!

Yes, indeedy, I did!

Maybe “wedding gown” isn’t appropriate terminology.  I threw away the dress that I had sewn for my 10th anniversary renewal of vows.  Because my husband and I had eloped 10 years prior our renewal of vows was more “wedding” like than our actual “wedding”.

Here’s the dress:

And, before anyone blows a complete gasket, I did truly give it some serious thought before I chucked it.

  • I can still fit into it (though breathing may be a slight issue)
  • I still find it beautiful
  • I will certainly never be wearing it again
  • I have absolutely no one to pass it down to (and, in considering what a friend had said:)
  • I don’t truly believe anyone would want someone else’s dress for THEIR wedding.  (want over need in this instance)

People we know now are always laughing when we talk about our kitchen remodel, for they find it funny / odd that the entire design was worked around wall tile that I fell in love with.

Well, the same goes with this dress. . .for I fell in love with the lace, so I had to work the dress around the lace (shown here).

You barely even see the lace in the photos, but that was the part of the dress I loved the best.

It was the part with the most meaning, and not only for its beauty but also because my Mom, and my Grandmother sat around the table with me hand stitching it into place.  We sat and chatted, and joked, and moaned. . .And that made the lace even more special!

It would have been really cool if I had a picture of us sitting around the table sewing the lace on; however, the family photographer (me) had her hands tied.

So, I sat down last night and removed every single bit of lace from that dress!

The dress is in the trash can, but the lace is saved. . .

Who knows, maybe a future daughter-in-law will find a dress that she loves, but may wish for a bit of lace?

(But, if no one does, it takes up so much less room than the complete dress!)


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