(Despite the name this is actually a New Year’s Post.)

I recall a time when I was first married, 20 odd years ago, that I determined that I would finish things I started.  At that time, it was actually a novel idea for me, as I’m sure my parents can attest.  (Sorry, again, for all those holes in the backyard.)

I think it took me about 2 years to finish all those first “un-finished” projects.  But, after that I was pretty good about finishing what I had started.  I mean, there would be occasional slip-ups; but overall the work got done.

I have this thing that I need everything from the past year put away before the New Year.  (I do not have a clue who I got this from, but the couple of times that I have failed in this task, my entire next year has felt “unsettled”.)

So, yesterday found me scurrying around in order to put up all the Christmas stuff when I happened to glance into the other room and noticed that a crocheted blanket I had started for Garrett was lying around with its extra skeins still in the plastic bag the store put them in.  I don’t like plastic bags lying around the house, so I thought to go get one of the three free cloth bags that I just recently washed.

Except that I could not find any of them!  Three cloth bags, 2 ivory colored and 1 green, recently washed and folded and put. . .Where?

I still have no clue. . .

But, in my search I discovered a plastic bag filled with cross-stitch Christmas ornaments that I had started; a quilt (in another plastic bag) ready to be pieced and sewn; a scarf (in yet another plastic bag!) half knit.

Frustrated, I returned to the task of putting away Christmas stuff, only to place it into its specific attic room and discovered two projects there, 1 painting and 1 sewing, that were started and put away.

As an aside: our house has 3 attic spaces – 2 small rooms on the 3rd floor that are created out of the roof angle; and the actual attic space above the 3rd floor.  I think that’s kinda cool. . .

When I came downstairs and hit the second floor – still in search of the elusive cloth bags – I discovered the decluttering I had begun, the Bible study I started, and on the computer at least 4 major projects begun. . .

In despair, I went to bed early!

And, now it is New Year’s day. . .a new “dawn”.  I feel as if my resolutions have been set for me; but I shall finish them.

Mmm, maybe after I go to the store and buy some cloth bags.

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2 comments on “Finishing

  1. monkeyschool says:

    Happy New Year to you and yours.

    I try to dig up my projects to ‘finish’ early each year to find that I am short on something (yarn, a needle missing, etc) and go to the store and end up finding something so neat that it leads to a new project. I always intend to finish them, but somehow I never accomplish it and my effort always leads to the start of something else. May there be health in the new year 🙂 with that everything else is possible.

  2. Michelle says:

    I agree. I HAVE to take my Christmas stuff down on New Years too. It makes for a better start to the new year. Must be my OCD 🙂

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