The season of “gifting” is over; well, the major splurge of the year, anyway.  But, something has been niggling at my brain that I have to spit out, before I go nuts.

Tyler has a girlfriend!  😀  It’s true. . .and she is AWESOME!  (Which, I keep telling her is not fair to future girlfriends that I will have to deal with – remember 3 other sons, not trying to replace her –  but, I suspect she just ignores me and goes on her own sweet way.)

Anyway, he has a girlfriend and the subject of gifting came up while my folks were here.

My Mom said that her first ever gift from my father was a pack of stationary.  (By the way, the first gift my hubby ever got me was an honest-to-goodness teddy bear.)

Anyway. . .

The reason he gave her stationary was because his mother had told him that it would be the only appropriate thing to get her.  (Her idea being more broad with the idea of something in the “paper” category.)

Now, let it be known here and now, that I do not believe it is my job to tell my kids what is “appropriate” gift-giving items.  I truly don’t!  (On top of that, who am I to judge when my second gift from hubby was an engagement ring followed quickly thereafter by a wedding band.)

But, the comment about “appropriate gifts” stuck in my curious nature, and I just had to find out what exactly were the rules for appropriate gift-giving of couples dating.

I can tell you this. . .

My “parental controls” won’t allow me to go to dating sites to find out.  😀

And all the other sites that I was able to look at were just plain goofy.

So, as far as I can tell, there is no “appropriate for dating couples” list. . .

But “paper” sounds VERY similar to the 1st year traditional wedding gift (like, EXACTLY).  And, I recall on my first year anniversary, looking at that list and saying, “That’s just plain stupid!  Who wants to get their spouse paper?  Shall you choose college-ruled, or wide-ruled?  Maybe printer paper?”)

However, when my Mom mentioned “stationary”, I was suddenly clued in.

And that brought up all sorts of interesting ideas!  Like books. . .

Or things like making paper kites and taking them to a park for a day.  Or, paper plates and a picnic lunch.  Origami could be entertaining. . .

What if young couples did have an “appropriate gifting list”?  First year, “paper”, second year “cloth”, themes of that nature to aid in the selection of items.  Kids could go wild with creative ideas of how to implement the theme.  (We adults, being notorious fuddy-duddies, too tired and too busy, couldn’t have near as much fun with this. . .ahem.)

My son says I’m nuts.  Maybe I am, or maybe it just sounds really fun to me.

However, as I said, I just refuse to give guidance to my kids on this topic.  Yet, if a couple wanted to implement such a thing, I think they should create their own list.  Decide amongst themselves what their theme will be for a specific period of time (maybe they want to break their “years” into semi-annual, or quarterly periods).

What say you?

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