Pile up

One of the reasons why I haven’t been writing blog posts much recently is because I find myself tending to write things along the lines of the following:

Note to self:  When most people ask how your holidays were they actually don’t care, so keep your answer simple.

Pretty good at remembering that part. . .It’s the second part that kills me:

However, if someone does ask you how your holiday was, most of those actually want you to ask them about theirs so they can talk about it.

Or. . .

People tend to do things for others that they themselves would appreciate.  (I am also guilty of this.)

There are two problems with this:  The first being that one is not actually thinking of the other when they are doing for the other what they themselves would appreciate.  The second is  that some get seriously frustrated when their “gifting” efforts aren’t appreciated by the intended recipient.

That’s a great one!  So the “gift” to the intended can be something they could care less about and then they get fussed at because they did not appreciate it!

Or. . .

I spent the majority of my holiday working on school work.  I kid you not!  You could even ask the guests in my home. . .my oldest son who I hadn’t seen for a year, or even my folks who were only here for a mere four days.

Were my priorities off?  Maybe yes, maybe no.  I was working on the science for second semester which I have already mentioned we were having to piece-meal together.  My co-teacher spent her holiday in pretty much the same way.  We simply did not have time to “relax”; and the break was the only breathing space we were given.  As it was we managed to merely get the first 3 weeks “done”; yet we did, finally, work out a very rough outline.

Or. . .

I am looking at my house, my children, my relationships, myself. . .and I am discovering that my Resolutions list is now crossing over the “page” mark.  In fact, I could probably write an entire book on what I see my resolutions as this year.  Yet, who has the time?!

So, I tend to keep my “mouth shut”, as it were, and write nothing.

Because I have learned something else:  as much as people say they want “real”. . .they “really” do not.

Probably because they have to deal with enough of their own reality to read it from others.

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