Miffed in the Morning

I have a child sitting downstairs completely miffed at me.

He is waiting for the rest of the house to wake; and so feels it is his right to play electronic games until they do.  Except, I told him no.

I told him “no” because I have noticed if games go first we have an awful day of school.  The boys are cantankerous, belligerent, critical and more prone to meltdowns.

They are also more prone to take way too long to do any one given subject.

However, if I allow electronics at the end of the day then I tend to get more cooperation, and the day goes a great deal smoother.

Except, apparently, today.  The attitude is already oozing up the stairs, and I can tell it’s going to be a rough one.

Excuse me, while I go get my battle armor.


One comment on “Miffed in the Morning

  1. Badman's girl says:

    You could skip school and come to the PA Farmshow with us. I guarantee they would be less cranky.

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