Morning Musings

This is one of those days, where I look at what needs to be done in a day vs. what I’d like to get done in a day and kinda, well, groan.

And this is not a BUSY day!  I just requires me to be out for about 3 hours.  Three hours away. . .It’s killer.

You know there are moments when I get a guilt feeling over what I don’t allow my kids to get involved in.  These moments almost always occur when I’m thinking about busy days..

My older two boys were in all sorts:  gymnastics, tae kwon do, boy scouts, baseball, soccer. . .  They quit of their own free will, but I certainly didn’t try to talk them out of it.  And it was “easier” then, but I don’t know why.  (I know it was because on one post everything was in walking distance. . .but others took time to get to.)

Whenever I do feel guilty, I bring to mind one of my very busy friend’s schedules (I have MANY very busy friends), and it quashes the guilt right then and there.

And, if that doesn’t work, I bring to mind my oldest son’s 4th grade experience.

The school he was then going to had too many 4th and 5th graders for a single class, but not enough for two seperate classes.  So, they decided to create one combo class called, appropriately, 4th/5th split.

As an advanced 4th grader Drew was placed in this class. . .but there was already something wrong.

The teacher was expected to teach these 23 kids in their respective grades.  So, that meant, for her, 2 seperate maths, 2 seperate English classes, 2 seperate sciences 2. . .well you get the idea.

On top of that teachers at this school had extra duties, and her’s was the girl’s coach (at, like, everything).

My son would frequently come home from school and say, the teacher didn’t have time to. . .and I would be stuck with it.

I recall one parent-teacher conference wherein I actually asked her about it, thinking that he just wasn’t paying attention.  That’s when I discovered that he was telling the truth, and was not really hitting all of it.

And that’s when pulled him out of school to homeschool him the second time.

Whenever I have these guilty moments, I just remind myself that socialization and activities are NOT the priority.

As long as I have my priorities straight I can muddle through everything else.

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