The other day a knock was heard upon the door, and when I answered I was greeted by a grinning postal worker.

“Hi, Ma’am.  How are you doing today?”

“Ummm, fine?  And yourself?”

“I’m doing great!  I was just wondering how you enjoyed your Bethany book?”

“I’m sorry. . .”

“I delivered a book here two days ago from Bethany House.  I wanted to give you time to read it, but I was dying to know what you thought of it.”

The confusion that was upon my face at that moment must have been all he needed. . .

“You see, I went to Bethany College, and while I was there they really started to build their publishing house.  And, you just got a book from them, so I was wondering if you liked it?”

“Ah. . .”

So, we chatted a while, and then as he was leaving he turned and handed me two envelopes, “Here’s your mail.”

He honestly just came to the door to talk to me about the book.  Go figure!

By the way, he wishes the author, Dani Pettrey, well.  As she is a friend of mine, I said I would pass on the message.

Cover Art

Here’s the book that the mailman and I were discussing.  It is Dani’s second book in the Alaskan Courage series.

Liked it much better than the first; although I would be hard-pressed to say why.  Maybe it’s due to my love of crime dramas; maybe it’s because I could see a lot of my friend come out in this book.  Whatever the reason it was fabulous.

Now, I will tell you, that since I do know Dani she is forever letting me know about free kindle books written by authors in the same genre.  So, I can tell you that there tends to be a pattern in this genre’s series.  The author presumes you have not read prior books and gives you a quick synopsis of returning characters.

Dani did not do so (at least to the extent many do)!  And, you know, I found that refreshing.  I found myself thinking, “Hmm, can’t quite remember. . .”  But then, I would get happy thinking that when this series is all said and done, I’m going to take a week to read through all the books in order and enjoy the entire series all at one time!

In all, I am very excited for my friend; and thrilled to be sharing her stories with you.

PS Dani, I’m thinking when you come over next week we should have fudge crostata!  We’ll figure out mains and side dishes later. ..but I’m thinking chocolate sounds lovely!  What say you?

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