Get ‘er done

I have decided to try something new this past week.

I have decided to prioritize. . .

In recent years this has actually been very hard for me to do.  I tend to get obsessed fixated on something, and I have to take care of it RIGHT NOW.

But, I was thinking about past years, when I used to be much better at getting things done.  So, I thought to myself, “Self, what changed?”

And self replied, “You had two more kids!”

And then I told myself to get real, and I got on the computer to look something up.

By the way, I completely forgot what I was looking up.  Apparently it was unimportant.  However, I did find something I wasn’t looking for, and that was lists.  Lists and lists and lists of stuff.

Once upon a time, I was the list queen!

Determining this needed discussion, I turned to myself again and asked, “Self, why did I stop writing lists?”

And self replied, “You didn’t.  You just started writing down things done; rather than things to do.”

After pondering that a bit, I asked myself, “Why did I do that?”

And self replied, “You had two more kids!”

At which point I told my self to take itself for a hike.

(And if you think any of this is confusing you should see parent/teacher conferences!)

So, I decided to reimplement the to-do list; that I would prioritize one item on that list; and that item would be school.

Since then, weird things have happened!  School has been getting done!  As in all of it, every day, by 1400!

Why?  Why this sudden change?  The daily school list hasn’t changed; yet, somehow, we are getting it done and in an orderly fashion.

Maybe it’s because by setting my priorities, I’ve set the boys a priority as well.  For example, they may not get on games or the computer until school is complete (and with good attitude).  Suddenly, I find myself downstairs in the morning pouring my second cup of coffee while gazing in wonder at my two youngest guys doing schoolwork — without being told!

I was truly surprised the other day when I had to leave, only to return to find my children done with their work and awaiting their game time.


When I asked why they were waiting instead of just playing they informed me they had to gain permission before playing; otherwise, they had learned from an elder brother, they would suffer dire consequences.

(Not recalling what these dire consequences may have been, I looked it up in my file of lists and discovered that the older boys were guaranteed a week banishment from ALL electronics if I caught them without asking permission first.)

Appears I was pretty wise in my youth. . .

Take that “self”!


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