Table Talk

I was pondering, (yet again), why the infamous “they” keep telling us that family dinners are vital to the well-being of a family.

Again, I reach the conclusion that the reason these meals are so vital is due to the conversation possibilities.

And, again, I wonder if we are even coming close. . .

I’m talking an actual honest to goodness conversation; wherein ONE topic is discussed by MULTIPLE parties to its conclusion.

Not a monologue or a tirade, not a jumble of interrupted thoughts, not a family court or lay down the law session, but an honest-to-goodness expression of thoughts and ideas all carried into one theme.

What’s discouraging is that I’ve trained my kids to not interrupt, so one would think that this goal could easily be accomplished, yet, as I rack my brains I can’t recall seeming to have achieved it.

Which makes me wonder how many other people are so much further off the mark than me and mine?

I’m going to pay attention for the next while and see if I am just off base, or if we really aren’t conversing.  Then, we’ll just have to see what needs to be done.

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