Quill pens

This year I want to do more activities / crafts with my kids if it kills me.  Time is the biggest killer to this idea.  Possible mess / clean up issues abound as well.  But, what is life without a few messes?

Lucky for me, I have one person who is always willing to jump on this bandwagon.  Luckier still, even though this person is not family and thus doesn’t do school with us, she tends to be at our house a lot, so I can pull on her energy / excitement levels.

Yes, I am talking about Tyler’s girlfriend!  (She will be so happy to be included in this post. . .)

So, we made quill pens.  They turned out o-kay. . .

Things I learned from this:

  • We used sharp exacto knives.  I am still blown away at how those who used these daily could create such fine writing instruments with the knives they had available.  We probably do not give them enough credit for their ability to sharpen their blades.
  • You really need to know how to write calligraphy for this to be truly impressive.
  • Ink dipping is its own art form.  Knowing how much and how often to dip is probably gained from much experience, but could you imagine checking students papers when they are learning how to write?

The kids were excited to do this activity.  The excitement died about 10 seconds into the writing.

There are a number of websites that show you how to make quill pens.  The instructions I chose were not terribly great.  The instructions here aren’t the same ones, but they are close and more clearly stated.

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