A New Course

I have been asked to teach a new course at co-op next year.  A class entitled “MEC”.  (Which, I’m sure has everybody scratching their heads.)

Further, I was asked to come up with a course description which is as follows:

MEC                                                                                                                 (9-12)

MEC is a bold braid of money management, economics, and computer skills woven together to provide your student a firm grounding for real-world applications.  Students will be required to have ready access to a working computer at home which has word processing, spreadsheet and presentation programs.  An 8 GB thumb drive will be required for file storage and transfer.

Class fees: may range from $0.00 to $25.00 (depending on final curricula choice)

Prerequisites:  NONE

The one problem with this course description is that this course has yet to be created!  I personally believe they were attempting to assess my creative writing skills.  I mean, there certainly is no course-book out there with such information.  (There are many course-books for each bit, but not a single course-book for the combination.)

So, I have to come up with a course that combines the three areas into one, that presents it in an informative and “friendly” manner.  And most especially to keep it from being as dry as the Atacama Desert.

I have enlisted the aid of my father to help me.  That was probably the most brilliant move that has come out of this course plan since its conception.

‘Course, I’m driving him insane with email overloads.  Right about now, I’m thinking he’s feeling pretty grateful for the 500+ miles between us.  I think the idea that I might just drop in with a pile of books demanding coffee and time to “whittle” would put him over the edge.  When he realizes just how different my brain works from his, he may quit forthwith.

So, the challenge is on.  I have 6 months to create, from scratch, a year-long course.

Daddy dearest, do you have the coffee on?


One comment on “A New Course

  1. lovefeasttable says:

    Can I borrow your dad to write my course description too, for photo journalism? Can’t find a curriculum out there. I am picking the brains if countless photo journalists I know hoping the kids next year will learn to tell stories through their shots.

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