Me and My Big Fat Mouth

Someone asked me a question the other day,

“Where (or ‘how’) did you learn to do that?”

To which I think I responding something along the lines of. . .

Well, okay, I LIED.

Because if I were to be honest, my answer would be, for nearly every single circumstance, “I opened my big fat mouth.”

Please let it be known that said mouth opens wide without the okey-dokey of the brain upstairs.  In fact, I’m not even sure my neurons are fast enough to react to the speed at which my mouth will voice its thoughts.

And my boys are studying the human body this year, so I do realize how fast neurons transmit data. . .

My mouth has a tendency to say, “I can do that.”  My brain, at that instant, is so stunned at the audacity of the mouth not awaiting orders, that it goes on strike, so it is not until some time later that the brain decides to mentally chastise the mouth for opening up.  By then I’m stuck.  My mouth made a claim that I now have to make a reality.

That is the honest-to-goodness truth behind the where / how I learned to do anything such as power point, making videos, sewing (quilts & dresses), etc.


My brain is currently berating my blabber-mouth for saying, “Sure, I can do that.”  Except it seems to be holding a grudge this time and doesn’t want to play nice.

Now, I’m sitting here looking at this class I said I would create / teach, and I just want to run-away and hide.  Who would be insane enough to agree to this concept???

Oh, wait.  That would be me, and my big fat mouth.


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