Setting the Good Example, on accident

Yesterday evening I heard “growling” coming from my youngest son’s room, then Mikhail burst forth in a temper and raged,

Which caused me to grab him sharply and say, “Hold up there, young sir, and tell me what this is about.  Because you know I’m not keen on you calling yourself ‘stupid’.”

He’d spent a good portion of the day working on a K’nex roller coaster and had discovered, to his dismay, that not only had he made a couple of minor mistakes but he made one major one as well.

“See!  I’m STUPID!”

Which caused me to take a sudden seat on his bed.

“I see.  Right.”


“So, when Mommy made that massive mistake on your stocking, that I had spent years in the making. . . well, I guess that makes me completely stupid too.”


“You know, everyone makes mistakes, ALL. THE. TIME.  Don’t you think it’s how we handle those mistakes afterwards that determines whether or not we are ‘stupid’?”

Blink. Blink.

At which point I walked away, because I could honestly think of nothing else to say.

This morning I heard sounds of destruction coming from Mikhail’s room, then his head popped out and he asked,

“Mom, can you please come in here and help me take this apart?”

So, I sauntered in to find the 1/2 completed roller coaster of yesterday in the midst of a demolition.

“Why are we taking this apart?”

“Well, my big mistake was at the beginning, and there were a couple of little mistakes after that.  I thought I would take it all apart and start new.”

Aside from the sound of pieces being torn apart there was silence for a bit.

Then, Mikhail piped up and said,

“Because only stupid people give up and don’t try to fix their problems.  And, Mommy?  We are not stupid.”

That, my son, is the truth.

(Stubborn, maybe.  But most assuredly not stupid.)

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One comment on “Setting the Good Example, on accident

  1. Anonymous says:

    What a smart Mommie you are!

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