Mother’s Day Wishes

I pulled this quote from Facebook today,

“So most moms on Mother’s Day want … chocolate, flowers, a card, etc.”

Really???  Do they?  Have you asked???  Or are you basing that on the plethora of superb marketing out there?  (So superb, in fact, that I think many mothers do want those things because advertisers tell them they do.)

I have actually never been asked what I would like for Mother’s Day.  Isn’t that strange?  Stranger still, now that I think about it, I don’t believe I’ve ever asked my own mother what she would wish for Mother’s Day.  (Need to rectify that.)

However, if my children were to ask this is what I would say:

Personally, I do not ever want a card.  Save a limb, or a twig, or just the $2-$3 in your pocket.  Even if the sentiment is more eloquently written than you could possibly pull off and you honestly “feel” that way; it isn’t “from” you.  I’d rather the bumbling verbiage, or merely a hug.

Please, please, please do not get me cut flowers!  To be perfectly honest, I’ll forget to change their water daily.  They will wilt quickly and your father will pitch a complete hissy that I am not properly taking care of things that are already in the process of dying.

Oh, and don’t get me live flowers either, unless they are to go into the yard.  If you are truly my child you’ll know darn well that I will not remember to water them regularly unless they are in my sight. (Unlike children they don’t remind me to “feed” them.)  Again, I’ll have to suffer the fussing, only this time I’ll feel bad because the plants would be dying due to my negligence.

Chocolates are always nice. . .   But let’s face it, I’m the shopper; I have a stash.  As you all well know because you  are constantly raiding it!

Do not get me perfume!  Pregnancies made my nose all crazy with regard to smells, and that particular symptom hasn’t dissipated.  Should I ever need to chuck my guts though, that would probably be the quickest and cheapest route to get results.

I don’t wish to get jewelry either.  I don’t wear a lot of it, and I have very particular taste.  Save your time and money.

Please don’t take me shopping!  Torture is never considered an expression of love.  (I honestly do not suffer any illusions that any of my children would actually consider this.  They are all male after all.  However, should they ask for someone else’s idea on what they should do for Mother’s Day, someone may actually suggest such a thing.)

As to what I would want. . .

There were times in the past when all I wanted, more than anything on Mother’s Day, was for your father to take you all away for the day.  I desperately wanted peace and quiet!  I never asked for it, because I felt guilty.  Yet, that was utterly silly.  Not only was I (still am) a stay-at-home mom, I was also (still am) a homeschool mom.  I see you EVERY DAY / HOUR of your life.  Love you dearly, but it gets old. . .  I know you feel that way too.  Kids aren’t afraid to say so!  They have no guilt about not wanting to be with their parents. . .same is not easily said to be true in the reverse.

Now, though, my greatest wish would be to have a day wherein I do not have to play “referee”, or remind you to do your chores, or remind you to be considerate of others.

Oooh, or a whole day where you do not ask me what you can have for snack, or the infamous, “What is for dinner?”  (If we could merely cut the dinner question down to once per child that would be amazing!)  Better yet, a day where I do not have to decide what is for dinner!  I don’t mind cooking it, but I’m a bit sick of coming up with the menu.

A day where I see appreciation for others (especially your siblings), that would be lovely!

From my oldest child, who no longer lives at home, I would love a phone call.  Just one where you call to say “hi” and tell me what you are up to, and how you are doing.

Yep, those would be it; if one were to ask. . .

What would be yours?


2 comments on “Mother’s Day Wishes

  1. kpotler says:

    You probably already know, a tattoo. 🙂 changing it up.

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