The Value of Words

I think it was my last speech teacher (in a class entitled, “Business Communications”), that harped and harped and harped on the “value” of words.

“Do NOT ever use a 25 cent word when a dime word will do.  And, unless you want to seem a pompous arse, NEVER use a dollar word unless absolutely necessary.”

(This was her idea of excusing those in the scientific and medical communities.)

So, for example, you would opt for “sunroom” rather than “solarium”.

I have spent a good deal of time this weekend going over economic stuff.  Let me just say, to all economist authors that I have thus far come across, I happen to know a fantastic “Business Communications” course that you would be well-advised to take!

Because, honestly, if you can’t describe it simply I have a hard time believing that even you understand what you are saying!

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