Career Aptitude Test

I took a career aptitude test last night. . .

I think I failed.

Anyway, I took it because I’m looking for one to give to my students.  I don’t want an interest inventory, which merely tells the kids what they have an interest in; I want an aptitude test which should help direct them to fields they are most suited for.

For example, you may be interested in a career in sales, but if you are a shy introvert you may not have the aptitude for it.  (Not that you can’t change, to a degree, but it would be something to consider.)

So, I took this test and the best it came up with was that I would be good in an analytical position. . .but that I didn’t show any greater than 20% aptitude in any one thing!

Honestly, I have decided that the questions were not suited for a homeschool mother who has done this for over 15 years!

For example:  Do you accomplish your plan every day?

Well, geez, I TRY!  I mean, each additional child adds their own chaos to my “regularly scheduled program”, but I do try.  Yet, how often do I succeed???  Hmmm. . .

Or this one:  “Do you allow yourself to be distracted?”

Okay, yesterday it took me over an hour to type a single, short email.  It was completely the kids’ fault; because they would come up to me and say, “Mom, could you please help me with this [insert school subject here]?  I don’t get it.”  Technically, school is the priority so I obviously stopped the email creation to help (multiple times).  Which begs the question, if school is the priority then is the email my distraction?  Because I started that first, and it was on my list to do first. . . but I wasn’t expecting the kids to require so much guidance. . .

One question was, “Do I automatically take charge?”

Well, no.  Personally, I prefer not to have any sort of leadership position, ever.  However, if I’m surrounded by a bunch of slackers and nincompoops then OF COURSE I do!  I mean, most people try to avoid their personal hades whenever possible.

There was a group of questions related to other people.  Those, were killer.  “Do I take time for others?”

Are you insane?  Seriously!  I’m a homeschool MOM, my entire life is devoted to others.  And I would take time if I weren’t in this position; however, I would not take near the time that some people I know would.  It would crush me.

Oh, and lots of questions about how well I empathize with others and how interested I am in others’ lives.  I don’t read People, and I generally follow a don’t ask / don’t tell policy.  But, if you up and decide to tell me things,I find that terribly interesting.

“Do I speak loudly?”

Well, I’ve never heard someone say they can’t hear me, but I don’t do it to attract attention.  In fact, if you speak loud enough for people to hear you the first time, they go away much faster.  (In fact, this one stupid question totally screwed my scores and the silly thing popped off with something about me being an attention glutton.)

“Do, I make rash decisions?”

Is getting married to a man after 8 weeks, rash?  I mean, what if you know in your heart it’s true?  What is the definition you would give to “rash”?  Most of my decisions are made quickly.  It’s the slow, “well-thought-out” ones that have been proven to be poor.

“Am I upset by disorder?”

Oh Lordy!  Whose disorder?  I mean mine I can live with perfectly fine; I know where things are (for the most part).  It’s just not neat and tidy.  But, my husband’s junk; although neatly stored, can drive me to distraction!

After talking to my husband this morning he said my score was due to my obviously over-analytical responses.  I told him it wasn’t my fault that the test creators failed to take into account that people have brains and will use that organ to think things through.

Yet, wouldn’t it be interesting to see how teens do on this exam?


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