Relearning Habits

It seems I have very much gotten out of the habit of writing!

Of course, I did have computer issues this past week.  Still don’t quite know what is going on, but it’s a pain.

Part of the problem, is I have lots of thoughts, and opinions. . .To be perfectly honest, I’m quite certain my friends would appreciate my silence.

I have a friend who I chat with every morning on FB. . .except for like the last month!  Our vacations butted up to each other. . .I miss her.

HA!  I thought there was yet another computer issue, but just realized that my shift key got stuck.  Do you think it’s due to humidity, or age?

Here, I’ll throw out an opinion.  It developed as I had the “opportunity” to suffer a period of time of chronic tiredness recently.

I think, to an extent, that many (not all) sufferers of ADHD are actually suffering from a serious lack of sleep.

In fact, to be perfectly honest, I think that’s the bigger problem and people are misdiagnosing it as ADHD.  Truly, look at the symptoms of both, and tell me a difference that age and maturity does not affect.

I don’t think kids are getting enough sleep.  I mean, I’ve gone to restaurants at 8 in the evening and seen very small children there.  Or those same ones out late at night with their parents shopping.  And let me tell you, the kids are TIRED!  Their behavior truly indicates it.

I mean, I “get it”.  Parents are working long hours.  Their only family time / entertainment time / shopping time is evening.  Shoot, in our area, the elementary kids’ sports even schedule game times as late as 9 pm!  That’s just insane!

I’ve heard many people say to me, “But my kids can’t go to sleep early.”  Is that true?  Or have they been “trained” to stay up late?

I know “night owls”.  They perform better at night.  That’s great.  But are they getting enough sleep?  The reality is our society still works on an early morning system.  If you can sleep in, being a night owl is no problem.  You are still getting the sleep required.  And, even if the parent is a night owl, and can get the proper amount of sleep. . .are their kids able to?  Or do their kids still have to function on society’s clock of early mornings?  (i.e. school)  And kids require more sleep!  They are still growing and developing.  That and their amazing energy requirements should not be negated, or compared to the requirements of an adult.

Actually, I was just reading the symptoms of ADHD. . .I think I fit nearly every one!  (Excessive talking being the one that was not checked with a positive response.)

Yep, I’m going back to bed.


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